All about the District Shop

Richmond upon Thames

June 2023

The District Shop now supplies all Scouting paraphernalia: badges, scarves, woggles, certificates, publications, flags etc. as well as casual Scout clothing and of course uniform.

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We’ll be working hard to ensure that your District Shop will be your preferred supplier because it’s easy and convenient, our prices are unbeatable, that 100% of profits are returned to Scouting in the District (not Scout HQ or anywhere else!) and above all because our volunteer team provide the friendliest, highly flexible and most approachable customer service on the planet!

Why would you shop anywhere else?

There are a number of very convenient ways to buy from us:

  • Online at where you can choose from hundreds of the most popular badges and uniform items. Just click.
  • Drop in personally in the Shop at the District Hub at Kerswell Hall, Whitton where we hold a good stock of badges, publications, woggles and other popular items as well as all your casual Scout clothing and official uniform needs . Our volunteers will love to see you.
  • Email us your order and we’ll contact you when it’s ready.
  • If you can’t see what you want online or in the Shop ask us. If it’s available from Scout Shops Ltd. we’ll match or better their price.
  • Look out for online offers. We’ll issue a Coupon Code to save you money!

There are a number of ways to pay which are available online and in the Shop:

  • We accept PayPal, all major credit and debit cards and, in the Shop contactless too. We do not accept cash or cheques.
  • If you’re buying online, simply select Group Account at the online checkout and we’ll do the rest (assuming your details match our records and your Group credit is in good stead that is!).
  • If you’re in the Shop we can also send an invoice to your Group Account.

There are a number of ways to obtain your items:

  • While-U-Wait in the Shop
  • Click and Collect from the District Hub (when it’s open)
  • By post or delivery by own driver. There is a flat fee for orders under £75. Orders over £75 are free delivery.

There are a number of restricted items (badges and awards) which are only available for purchase by authorised personnel (Leaders and nominated Group Badge Secretaries).

  • In the Shop we may ask for verification, such as a Membership Number.
  • Online orders for restricted items can only be supplied to pre-registered personnel / addresses. The Scout Group name must also be included in the checkout details.

Setting up verified personnel for badge and award online purchases is easy:

  • You’ll find a link to the Google Form at the end of this article. Alternatively, we need an email to from a Group Scout Leader, Explorer Unit Leader or Group Treasurer telling us the name(s), contact phone number(s), delivery address(es) and a billing address. We’ll add that information to our register. When an order matches those details, we’re in business!

Setting up a Group Account is easy:

  • You’ll find a link to the Google Form at the end of this article. Alternatively send an email to from a Group Scout Leader, Explorer Unit Leader or Group Treasurer telling us the name(s), contact phone number(s), delivery address(es) and a billing address. We’ll add that information to our register.
  • Credit terms are strictly 30 days. Payments should be made by bank transfer directly to The Richmond upon Thames Scout Shop account:
Bank  CAF Bank
Account Sort Code  40-52-40
Account Name  RUT Scout Shop
Account Number  00033717
Reference Your Invoice number

Frequently asked Questions

Q: When is the District Shop open?

A: The Shop is staffed on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings during school term time. Usually, the Shop will be closed on the Saturday after the schools break up, closed on intervening Wednesdays and also the Saturday before schools return. Dates when the Shop is closed is always posted on the Shop page of the website.

Q: When do you process and dispatch online orders?

A: The service is operated entirely by volunteers. We are not Amazon Prime. The physical Shop at the District Hub is open twice a week and the volunteers manning the Shop at those times will also be dispatching goods. So, for example, an online order placed on a Saturday afternoon will not be posted (subject to being in stock) until Wednesday evening. During school holidays online orders will still be processed but possibly less frequently.

Q: What is the lead time for orders?

A: Whilst we keep a stock of the most popular lines and sizes of uniform, badges and other items for the quickest turnaround, the size of our warehouse (!) is limited. Consequently, some orders (especially large non-uniform orders) may take a little longer than others to fulfil. We’ll always email customers regarding the status of orders if there’s likely to be a delay.

Q: Can I try on uniforms and other Scout clothing for size?

A: Yes. The physical Shop at the District Hub is open twice a week. We’d actually prefer it if you did see goods for yourself – you’ll save on postage and you can be sure you have the right sizes. You could order and pay online and opt for free collection, then check the size whilst in the Shop. If it’s not quite right, exchange it there and then.

Q: What is your returns policy?

A: You can return unused goods for exchange so long as clothes are unworn, the labels are intact and you have a receipt. You will need to pay for all postage, so visiting the Shop is best.

Q: Where do your profits go?

A: 100% of all proceeds are reinvested into Scouting in Richmond upon Thames. The Shop is an important fundraiser for the charity. Please consider using us first!

Q: How can I pay and is it secure?

A: The Shop uses PayPal (Zettle in the physical Shop) as our payment gateway. This means that we can accept almost any payment card and most contactless payment methods. You can be assured that your money and details are completely secure. We are not accepting cash or cheques.

Scout Groups and Units can set up an invoice account and settlement will be by electronic transfer. We are looking at developing a Gift Card option.

Q: When can I collect?

A: You will get an email when your online or email order is ready to collect. The shop opening times are published on the website. The Hub is also used for meetings, and therefore collection at those times is also possible. Check first.

Q: Does the District Shop sell badges?

A: Yes. The Badge Secretary is incorporated into the Shop and the Shop will gladly supply any Scouting item including badges, flags, scarves, publications, stationery, casual clothing etc. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our online shop pages you can send us an email at

Note that badges, awards and other restricted items can only be supplied to Appointed Leaders or other authorised persons subject to verification of their Appointment.

Q: Do you hold huge stocks of every badge variation?

A: There are over 250 badge designs available and a number of those have variations. We hold a sensible minimum stock of the most popular badges to serve our walk-in customers. If you are planning a sizeable event and expect to award lots of badges of a particular type or if you need more obscure or highly specialised badges or awards, please let us know in advance. Naturally, our supply will be limited by the availability at our wholesalers but the usual turnaround is about 7 working days.

Q: I can’t see all Programme the badges I want by scrolling down on the online shop page. Are they missing?

A: Use the drop down box on the first page to filter your search. There are simply too many badges to display them all sensibly on one page as it slows down the load time of the website.

Q: Can I return or swap unwanted badges?

A: Maybe. If your badges are unused and current and we can resell them then let’s talk.

Q: Does the online Shop integrate with OSM for badge orders?

A: Not directly. But we’ll accept an OSM badge report by email as your order if that’s easier for you. If there’s demand, we could look into developing a direct interface in the future.

Q: Is everything you stock in store also available in the online Shop?

A: No, only popular regular items are online. In the Shop at the Hub we have a good range of casual Scout bright hoodies and zippies, District goods, sale items, publications and other items such as ‘hard to get’ badges. Call us or drop us an email.

Q: Why do I receive two different types of invoices for different items?

A: Whilst linked together, the online shop is on different system from the physical walk-in shop. So you’ll see a different invoice depending on where the purchase was made. Invoices with IZ prefix are from the physical shop, invoices with just numbers are online purchases.

Q: The invoice email says to pay by card – do I have to pay by card? Can you include more details on the Scout Group invoice, such as the name of the person who placed the order or came into the Shop?

A: HOT TIP: If you have received an emailed invoice via Zettle click on the PDF version on the link towards the bottom of the page. This gives much more detail than the summary in the email and should tell you who came into the Shop as well as our bank details for the direct bank transfer. You can pay by card if you like, but we’d rather you paid by bank transfer which saves the card handling fee.

Note that you may need to develop an internal procedure to identify individual purchasers. Also, you may need to be clear with Leaders (especially new ones) exactly which items of uniform they can obtain on the Group Account and which additional items they need to pay for themselves.

Q: Can I place an order over the phone?

A: You can always call us on 0203 651 4615 with any queries – such as do we have an item in stock. We’ll answer the phone during trading hours and you can leave a message if there’s no answer and someone will get back to you. However, we would rather not take sales orders over the phone – come into the Shop, place an order online or email us.

Q: Where can I find online discount voucher codes?

A: Online money off voucher codes are usually time limited, so there may be times when no promotions are in progress. When a promotion is in running we’ll email relevant Leaders (always the GSL) of the current code(s).

Q: Can I volunteer to help run the Shop?

A: Yes please! Running the Shop can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. It could also be a great introduction to the world of retail enterprise for a younger person. Just ask!

Q: Why haven’t you covered my question in this FAQ?

A: Because we don’t know what it is until you ask it.


LINKS TO GOOGLE FORMS (Copy and paste to your browser)

Link to Google form to set up a Group Account:

Link to Google form to set up an Authorised Purchaser:



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