Great River Race

Date: 14th September 2019 Location: River Thames Sections: Scouts, Adult Volunteer

The Great River Race

The race along the Thames is 21.6 miles long, starting at London Docklands and ending at Ham in Surrey and attracts over 300 national and international teams rowing traditional pulling boats. It is a handicapped race with the perceived slowest boats starting first and the fastest last.

Richmond upon Thames District has entered two Scout teams and a Leaders team. Come and cheer us from the river bank or bridges along the way!

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The boats we’ll be racing

Viking is a 115 year-old traditional wooden ships lifeboat from the SS Worcestershire. Viking was built by Harland and Wolf shipyard in Belfast, where RMS Titanic was built and is similar in design to Titanic’s life boats. Viking will be crewed by 5 people, with a spare as a rotating crew member. An adult leader with a pulling activity permit will act as cox.

Brynhild is an ex-Fireman’s boat which was rescued from Thames Young Mariners a few years ago and bought back to life by the Centre. Brynhild rows 4. We will need a crew of 5 to enable rotation during the race and an adult pulling permit holder.


Richmond upon Thames Explorer Units will be providing catering (breakfasts and dinner) at the River Race campsite to raise funds.

River Thames

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