World Scout Jamboree 2023 – Information Session for Participants

Date: 28th November 2021 Location: Kerswell Hall Sections: Scouts, Explorer Scouts, International, County, District

This District event is for Young People and their supporting adults

Date and time: Sunday, 28 November 2021 15:00 – 17:00

Location: Kerswell Hall Scout HQ, Wills Crescent, Whitton  TW3 2JF

The session is intended to help potential Participants when deciding whether take their application to the next stage.

At this information session you will:

  • Learn more about what taking part in a World Scout Jamboree really means
  • Appreciate that a Jamboree can be a positive life changing experience for many people
  • Understand the application process
  • Appreciate the commitments a Participant will need to undertake
  • Learn about the various mandatory training events, camps and expeditions leading up to the main Jamboree
  • Appreciate what families and others will need to do to support you
  • Understand our commitment to you
  • Learn about the costs, financial support and about the fundraising activities all Participants will be expected to undertake
  • Be given more information about important stuff like travel plans, insurance, emergencies, security, safety, communications abroad
  • Get a first hand honest account from people who have experienced previous World Scout Jamborees and International Events
  • Meet some of the team
  • Have lots of opportunities to ask any questions.

You must have attended this session in order to be considered for the next stage

Book your place here: EVENT REGISTRATION FORM

Kerswell Hall

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