This page is for Scouting on-line and related activities which can be done at home or activities which can be done as a part of the household. For face-to-face Scouting activities under Covid-safe conditions see our Getting Back Together page here

Note that all links were recently checked, but may become out of date.

The District Team have posted resources on this page about how to continue Scouting at home (and earning those badges) during the Coronavirus lockdown. As the experts in developing skills and bringing adventure to young people, we wanted to do what we can to help promote #TheGreatIndoors.

Got some suggestions for this page? E-mail us at: Digital@richmondscouts.org.uk

Material on this page is aimed at Section Leaders (i.e. Beaver Scout Leaders, Cub Scout Leaders, Scout Leaders or Explorer Leaders) but where the resources are suitable for young people to tackle independently or that parents and guardians can help deliver, we have noted these as necessary. Where we have included new ideas then we will highlight these for a few days (with the word NEW) so that they can be more easily identified. Some articles may be updated and indicated as such.

A note for Leaders and Parents/Guardians : no activity should be undertaken which does not conform to current government advice. Guidance on the current Covid-19 measures can be found here. Guidance on the health and well-being of young people in present circumstances can be found here and further advice can be found on the website of  The Association for Young People’s Health which can be found here

Updates for Lockdown #2 and beyond

Cavewoman skills Zoom meeting

Karen at East Sheen has shared this with us: We have just had the most amazing zoom meeting with Memma the cavewoman from the Stone age! My meeting overran by 20 mins, the Beavers loved it and asked clever questions! The presenter showed how to make a deer bone flute!

Another Group has written “We booked a Zoom session with Memma as something different for our Scouts at the end of a really difficult term of home schooling and lockdown. Despite everybody suffering from Zoom overload, Memma delivered an engaging, fact loaded and fun session which had Scouts and Leaders locked to the screen.

We asked Memma to talk about how Stone Age people survived in the cold and she delivered a wisdom laden warts and all session on topics like making fire, the best pelts for warmth, making needle and thread to make clothes, how to tell if a squirrel carcass is bad, hunting, trapping and fishing, how to use the whole animal and ceremonial whistles made from Swan’s wing bones. Questions were brilliantly answered with practical demonstrations and stories from first hand experience. As Scout Leaders we like to think we know a thing or 2 about bushcraft – we were in total awe of her skills; and the Scouts were mesmerised by her facts and tales. Best night of the term – thank you!”

You can find out more about Prehistoric Experiences (both Zoom meetings and “we come to you” visits) at https://www.prehistoricexperiences.com/


Edmund Hilary Explorers recently celebrated Pancake Day, with sizzling pans across their member’s kitchens. Here’s an example of the output – yum!

Scout Fire Safety Badge Zoom Sessions

As well as being a Scout leader at 2nd Farnham, Brennan Healey is also a Station Officer at Twickenham Fire Station. Brennan has just completed a series of Videos and Power Points to cover the Scouts Fire Safety Badge all wrapped up in 2 x 40 min Zoom meetings. If the Groups on Twickenham’s Ground (i.e. covering Hamptons, Teddington, Twickenham and Whitton) would like to take advantage of this opportunity please contact the DC, Scout ADC or ADC P&P for Brennan’s contact details. Note that meetings can be planned for any day of the week but may be time restrictive to around 5.15

Pizza Art

How about this for a tasty treat? Edmund Hillary Explorers have continued their theme of art meeting Scouts and have rustled up a display of art inspiration, art on the pizza before and after baking. They’re posted on the Gallery here, but you have to work out which picture matches with which!

Bake a Cake

Why not get your section baking a cake (or something else food related?) Edmund Hillary Explorers held their own version of Bake Off, with the County Commissioner invited to present the top prizes. Highly commended was Catherine’s campfire. 3rd place to Jonny’s chocolate tent bombe, 2nd to Lily’s arrowhead drops, whilst 1st place went to Ollie’s campsite. The competition entries can be found in the Gallery here.

Poets Corner

Never Such Innocence – www.neversuchinnocence.com – are offering to run a free, virtual poetry workshop for uniformed youth organisations whilst groups are unable to meet and train in person.  Their Poet in Residence and Army Veteran, Clive Sanders, will run an online session for young people, which could be done in a Scouting session.  Young people will have the opportunity to hear Clive read some of his moving poems as well as get advice from Clive on how to compose their own poems about conflict. These workshops can be tailored to suit any age range. One young person shared – ‘I’ve never really written any poetry before, but this was a really fun way to learn how and by the end I had written an entire poem.’

If any of your groups are interested in arranging a Zoom session, please contact Katie at ks@neversuchinnocence.com.

Scouts at Home

Scout HQ has published a new link for on-line resources during lockdown which you can find here

The resources from Lockdown #1 The Great Indoors remain available and can be found here and for other indoor activities click here

Star Count

The Countryside Charity writes: A velvety black sky scattered with shining stars is a sight we should all have the opportunity to see. But too often, light pollution obscures our view of stars. Just 3% of people in England experience ‘truly dark skies’, and 61% of us live in areas with severe light pollution.

That’s why we need your help to map the nation’s view of the stars, so we can better protect our dark skies in the countryside and our towns and cities. By counting the number of stars you can see in the constellation of Orion this February, you’ll help us build a better picture of our view of the stars.

Not sure how to take part? Here are our five simple steps for doing a Star Count from home.

1 – Find a good spot to do your Star Count. This could be your garden, balcony, doorstep or even bedroom window. You’ll need to be able to look south. 2 – Turn off all the lights in your home so it’s as dark as possible.  3 – Look south in the night sky (the way satellite dishes face) 4 – Let your eyes adjust to the dark – the longer you wait, the better. Count the number of stars you can see within the rectangle formed by the four corner stars.  5 – Head to our website to submit your count and help us map the nation’s view of the night sky.

Sign up for Star Count here

NEW: Wellbeing Champions

We know that lockdown is tough. Young people are missing school, work, and celebrations, and they’re being separated from loved ones too. Despite this, Scouts have said that they want to take practical, hands on action to create a better tomorrow for everyone. They told us that mental health is more important than ever, but that stigma still gets in the way of talking about it. 

That’s why Scout HQ are creating 10,000 Wellbeing Champions: children, young people, and adults who have committed to help tear down the taboo around mental health and do what they can to boost people’s wellbeing. For further information click here.

NEW: A Virtual New County Cub Pack

Kingston upon Thames Scout District has launched a new Virtual Cub Pack, which is open to all across the London South West Scout County. The aim of the virtual Cub Pack is to enable leaders who are not running their own packs to point their members – or those on their waiting list to join but are currently unable – to this new resource. Please contact Megan@2ndmalden.org or adc.cubs@royalkingstonscouts.org for details.


We know that delivering the programme over Zoom is hard work, so Scout HQ put together videos to help leaders deliver the Scouts programme online.

Each week from the 1st December until late January 2021 (with a little break for the holidays) a new video of an activity will be released, so Scouts across the Sections can develop#skillsforlife. For more information click here.

Race Round the World

Join Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers in a race around the world and see which section will get to the finish line first!

COVID-19 is the biggest crisis we’ve faced in a generation. Now, over 500 Scout groups – many of them based in communities that were already made vulnerable before the virus hit – are struggling to make ends meet. If they close their doors, thousands of young people will miss out on all the life-changing skills and experiences being a Scout can bring, precisely when they need us most.

As well as a race around the world, if you are over 13 you can be sponsored too! Please register your interest with your Adult Section Leader or your Group Scout Leader or Explorer Scout Leader.

Find out more via the Scout UK website by following the link here.

If your group or unit isn’t participating, then why not join in 2nd Mortlake’s efforts? Here is a presentation about what they are doing Race Around The World (pdf) and which includes links to the  general sponsorship page and their own Group sponsorship page.

Art and Reality

Why not copy this idea from 3rd Whitton Scout Group/Edmund Hillary Explorers – pick a work of art and turn yourself – or other objects – into that work of art! View the gallery here.

At trip to the zoo?

Chester Zoo has published at home learning resources for 5-16 year olds, although generally for 7-11 age bracket. Find out more here.

Quiz at Home

Why not organise a Scout themed and general knowledge quiz. You could grade the questions for all Scout ages – including some tougher ones for parents/carers. Here’s a starter pack for your Cubs here: 2020 May cub quiz 4

Local Knowledge Hikes

Get your Scout out exploring – maybe for the Local Knowledge Badge? Here are some examples which have been sent to us for a local hike in St Margarets:  OBSERVATION HIKE SCHOOL HALL OBSERVATION HIKE -RAILWAY FOOTBRIDGE and one in Whitton: Crane park quiz Crane park quiz answers (thanks to Martyn and Philip)

Older Resources from Lockdown #1

For a starter there are resources available on the UK Scout website about #TheGreatIndoors, click here and for other indoor activities click here

Practice outdoor Scouting activities

There are several ideas for Scouts to gain outdoor skills (some of which will need to be done in your back garden, if you have one!) posted on the Scout Adventures. Adult supervision may be required for some of the activities suggested and some include camp cooking (yum!). Find out about these ideas here.

Another resources about knots recommended by 1st Papworth Scout Group can be found here: Animated knots This is one of several resources are available from the 1st Papworth  “Great Indoor” website page which you can find here

Leader guidance for adapting the Scouting programme and nights away

Guidance for Leaders on adapting the Scouting programme in the current situation is available here

Scout HQ have issued specific guidance regarding Nights Away “At Home” and how they can count towards nights away badges and other linked programmes. The detail can be found here.

Home Adventures Challenge

South London Scouts have established a programme of Home Adventure award and activity badges across all sections from Beavers to Explorers. There are five challenges – Bronze Home Adventure, Silver Home Adventure, Gold Home Adventure, Fort-Home Camp and Taskmaster.  Full details are available by clicking here.

The website includes a lot of resources which leaders may wish to make use of outside of the Home Adventures Challenge or as a way of delivering standard activity and challenge badges.

Richmond upon Thames District permits the award and wearing of the Home Adventures challenge badges as a supplement to the standard challenge badges. Sections or groups following the Home Adventure Challenge programme will need to make their own arrangements for purchasing the relevant badges – details are available on the website.

33 programme suggestions and games to play – and 20 more….and more!

For Leaders who want to organise Scouting activities at home, 33 suggestions have been circulated by our Scout County – Greater London South West. Pick an idea, develop it and contact your colony, pack, troop or unit to put it into action! Click here: Programme Ideas Whilst At Home (word document format). And here are 20 more – click here: 20 more programme ideas (word document format).

Try the resources available on various Facebook pages – there is the 1st Facebook Scout Group page as well as other Facebook groups dedicated to specific sections such as the 1st Facebook Cub Pack or Scouts UK – Leaders.  You can find the 1st Facebook Scout Group Facebook page here.  Resources are often posted within the discussions but otherwise find the menu to the top left of the Facebook page and click on files. Obviously, take care in downloading resources from sources you are not familiar with….

Here’s some that we’ve found from surfing around about what other Districts or Groups are doing or that leaders have sent us:

Cambridgeshire Scouts suggests looking at the YouTube videos that Mike from Scout-A-Delic is publishing regularly  – they contain fun activities that you can take part in yourself! You can check out the playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLx3eic9hr7-7JUMvOp2-nNLqByFRMG01f

Try out Scout Radio: With a mix of music, scouting news, activity ideas and entertainment, Scout Radio provides regular programming that can keep you entertained while you’re scouting from home! The Late Show with Roger Thorne airs from 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, bringing you 2 hours of music and scouting news! Click here to listen: scout.radio/play  Scoutcast is released regularly, bringing programme ideas and activities for Beavers and Cubs! Click here to listen: scout.radio/blog/category/scoutcast/

Biggleswade District has produced a resource pack of programme ideas which you can find here: Biggleswade challenge

1st Langford Village has posted a collection of resources for game and other activities which you can download by clicking on the links in word format: Langford Village Games_and_Activity_Ideas and as a pdf format: Langford Village Games_and_Activity_Ideas

Here’s an activity pack (probably designed for a wet weekend Cub camp!) that we have found on one of the Facebook pages which you can download here (pdf): Camp Activity Book and the answers can be found here (pdf): Camp Activity Answer Book

Here’s a resource which looks a bit like battleship map reading. Not sure how it is played, but I’m sure that it is a resource worth using in some way as a part of an interactive meeting …. Download here (word format): Zoom Treasure Map exercise (there are alternatives on the market to Zoom – ed)

33rd Sutton Coalfield CSL has been busy with preparing four badge booklets for some activity badges, which can be downloaded here (pdfs): animal carer work book   cub chefs badge booklet  gardners badge booklet  Naturalist Badge

Beavers and Cubs might wish to have a hike challenge in Richmond Park with a family member – here’s a resource from North Richmond Scouts to earn a hike-away (pdf format):  RichmondParkChallenge

Here’s an idea about using What-Three-Words – a geographic observation quiz to try (answers provided, so Leaders will need to send out the 1st page only!). Download What 3 words – With answers

2nd Mortlake Scout Group has sent the following ideas (which can be used at anytime) Downloaded here: Battleships and Beaver Magic

And something for that outdoor walk – can you recognise trees from their leaves? Download here: leaf ID

A quiz for Cubs in Powerpoint here: Cubs lockdown quiz and the answers in pdf format here: Cub quiz answers.

More ideas for parent/carer use

Here’s a list of suggestions for home schooling or entertainment put together by 6th Friern Barnet Scouts – you’ll need to consider which ones are age-appropriate for your Beaver to Explorer aged Scout! Download it here (pdf): Home school and entertainment

Section workbooks

Here are badge workbooks to download and earn some badges at home. Many of these are suitable for young people to pursue under their own steam, with appropriate adult supervision as necessary. Some of the badges need modification – for example a requirement may include “tell your pack about what you have found out”. In such cases, Leaders may wish a young person to write down what they have found out or to present it during an on-line meeting. Parents/guardians who want to assist a young person to gain additional badges independently of any specific section plans should contact their own young person’s Section leader:





Escape room!

Here are two examples of Escape Room activities for Scouts or Explorers –

  • A Hogwarts themed adventure from 16th Wyre Forest (St Michael) Scouts here
  • And another adventure from South Berkshire Scouts here
On-line Scout Manager (OSM)

Groups that use OSM can use the “badges at home” feature – parents/guardians should ask your Group Scout Leader for more details. You need to be able to log in to OSM via the link here

Hold an on-line meeting!

Many Sections within Groups are now using suitable resources to hold on-line meetings.  North Richmond Scout Group was one of the first groups to hold online meetings. They have posted some images of their first meetings on their website (along with some great photos of other recent activities): http://www.northrichmondscouts.org.uk/

Leaders should review the guidance for holding on-line meetings which can be found on the resources page in the Leaders area of this website. Leaders can access the relevant page by clicking here.

Burton Explorers in Derbyshire have provided some information on using Zoom and security settings and features which they have posted on the 1st Facebook Scout Group page. You can find their posts on using Zoom here and on security settings and features here (log in to Facebook required).  Other software packages are available!

Several Groups have used these tools to hold their St Georges Day renewal of Scout Promise, when all Scout members renew the promise that they made when invested into their current section – including Adults in Scouting. Here’s 2nd Teddington with a modified promise – click here

Loo roll challenge

Why not make a video of your loo roll challenge? Leaders could ask your Beaver, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers to take part in a marathon challenge and we can link to the best here. 2nd Whitton have made their own video to share on YouTube which you find here. We’ve been assured that no loo rolls where harmed in the making of their video….

Support your NHS heros

Doctors, nurses, ward staff, cleaners, porters, caterers, pharmacologists, physiotherapists, lab technicians – from ambulance crew to security staff – our NHS is staffed by wonderful people under trying circumstances – and so too are those working in the community health services and care homes. Why not organise a support your NHS staff evening as a part of a Beaver, Cub, Scout or Explorer night – draw posters to display in your windows. Here are some examples from Edmund Hillary ESU.

Parents/guardians – why not ask your young people to decorate a window, door, room or anywhere with relevant permission!

Water safety Wednesdays

Each Wednesday, the RNLI are hosting a live, interactive video for primary school age children from the RNLI’s central Facebook page (www.facebook.com/RNLI), with each session lasting for around 15 minutes each. Each week, we’ll focus on a different water safety message and we’ll be linking to some fun educational resources for families to have a go at home afterwards too. Whilst Governmental instructions are to stay at home, we would like to offer young people a chance to learn essential water safety skills for when restrictions are lifted and families may begin visiting beaches.

This can be done as a part of a Section evening or independently.

Heathrow resources

Running low on ideas to keep our young people entertained? Heathrow At-Home Learning Resources is new educational resources aimed at 7-11 year olds. The website includes some challenges and a quiz. Click here for more information. Again this can be done as a part of a Section evening or independently.

Learn a new skill?

How about learning some Makaton? Makaton isn’t a replacement for sign language for the deaf, but is used to support speech and the development of essential communication skills such as attention and listening, comprehension, memory, recall and organisation of language and expression. You can find a heap of free resources at the following address: https://www.makaton.org/shop/shopping/browseStore/Free-resources. This can be done as a part of a Section evening on disability awareness or independently.

The best of the rest…..

We’ll look for great Scouting resources available on-line for #TheGreatIndoors and post links to them here for leaders to consider if they can be used or adapted for their #TheGreatIndoors Scouting adventure:

  • Here is the Taskmaster challenge, suitable for Explorers – good luck! : https://youtu.be/_DQ32Vahb1E
  • Try the Cre8tivity 8 Week Challenge on the MerseysideScouts website – for Beavers/Cubs and Scouts/Explorers. Click here and scroll down
  • The Jack Petchey Foundation which supports Scouting with award schemes for Scouts and Leaders has launched resources on their website during the Covid-19 lockdown with the emphasis on the themes of Motivate, Active and Connected. Click here for more details.

For young people currently in the DoE scheme – and leaders who are assisting young people with their award, the DoE award scheme has updated its website to account for those unable to undertake the scheme in normal circumstances. The coronavirus doesn’t mean your DofE needs to stop – far from it. Whether you’re doing or delivering the DofE, their website has everything you need to keep yours going. Click here.

Skills builder partnership

Aimed at the 4 to 20 age group (and above) is the Skills builder partnership website which can be found by clicking here. The website has loads of activities across the following areas – listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity. staying positive, aiming high, leadership and team work. The activities are ranked from beginner level to expert. At the higher levels, it is ideal for those looking to sharpen up on their abilities for further education, apprenticeships or the jobs market – or just for the fun of it. These activities can be done independently of Scouting.

Adults in Scouting

The District training team are looking at  keeping adults in Scouting busy, with new on-line training resources – our first course are available – see the new article here or click through to training within the members area in the menu above!


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