A Dutch adventure – International Scouting at its best!

Date: 27th Apr 2024 Author: Phil Hunt

Teddington Scouts in the Netherlands

Emma, 10th Teddington reports:

At the start of April, our adventurous crews from 10th Teddington, 2nd Teddington, and Shackleton Explorers embarked on an unforgettable journey to the Buitenzorg Scout Centre in the Netherlands. It was a week filled with laughter, exploration, and international camaraderie!

Our adventure kicked off bright and early at 5 am, fingers crossed that all our kit would fit on the coach and set off towards Dover. After a ferry ride to Calais, we finally arrived at the Buitenzorg Scout Centre in the early evening.

Setting up camp was a breeze, and soon we were ready to dive into the excitement!

Our first day was all about getting acquainted with the site and pitching our tents. We stretched our legs with a local hike to Groeneveld Castle, soaking in the stunning scenery and exploring nearby shops.

The following day, we ventured to Amsterdam for a picturesque canal cruise, delving into the city’s rich history while seeking shelter from the rain. Afterward, our Scouts roamed the city, indulging in souvenir shopping and immersing themselves in the vibrant culture.

One of the trip’s highlights was undoubtedly the clog painting session. Decked out in large wooden clogs, our scouts unleashed their creativity with brilliant designs that left everyone in awe!

We were delighted to connect with Merhula Baarn, a local Dutch Scout Group, who introduced us to the thrilling game of ‘Zombieball’ and traded badges with us. Exploring the tuck shop and Scout museum further enriched our cultural experience and a special thanks to the warm hospitality of the Buitenzorg crew who were so friendly and helpful throughout our stay.

Day 5 took us to De Efteling Theme Park, where adrenaline junkies conquered rides like De Vogel Rock, Python, and the infamous Baron 1898 coaster. We were nearly late for the coach due to some leaders getting caught up in the queue for the front seat, but I can personally vouch that the thrill was worth it!

Utrecht charmed us with its beauty as we embarked on a photo scavenger hunt, even stumbling upon the iconic Miffy’s traffic light. Our final day took us to Adventure City Rotterdam, where brave scouts tackled free falls, zip lines, and high ropes courses with gusto.

As the sun set on our incredible adventure, we bid farewell to newfound friends and cherished memories. A huge shoutout to our amazing leaders and the fantastic scouts who made this trip an absolute blast!

Emma’s Tip: If you’re planning an International trip, make sure you submit your application in plenty of time. Clearing the paperwork can take several months, so get in touch with the District Team during the very early planning stages. 


Nature and the outdoors are languages that can be learned. Once you identify a beech tree, tie a clove hitch or cook a simple meal over a fire that you’ve built yourself, you’ll never forget it.'
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls