DBS for under 18s

DBS for under 18s

DBS checks

The reasons that you may need to start a DBS check before someone is 18 is because once a young person turns 18, they need to have a valid DBS check to have direct contact with any person under 18. So if you have a Young Leader whose 18th birthday is on 1st August and they want to attend at the Summer Camp which starts on the following day (2nd August), there is not time to get the DBS sorted in one day, therefore you can request a DBS check 6 months before their 18th birthday so that it is in place in time.

However creating Compass roles and starting DBS checks for people under eighteen is a slightly different process to that for adding adults who 18 and above.


The process is:

  1. The same as whenever you are going to add a new adult onto Compass, before you go near Compass and start adding the new person onto the system, complete an ID checking form:

ID checking form (PDF) – print friendly version

ID checking form (PDF) – editable version

  1. Once the form above is completed.
  2. Log onto Compass and create the new person and add their role (which cannot start until their 18th birthday). Take a note of their membership number – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT as once you press save, you will be unable to see their Compass record until their 18th birthday. The only people who can see them on Compass before their 18th birthday are selected members of Scout HQ staff at Gilwell – nobody at District level can see it.
  3. Wait 24 hours to allow the information to be transferred from Compass to Atlantic DBS. If you don’t, you won’t be able to see them on Atlantic DBS.
  4. On the following day, log into Atlantic DBS and search for the person using their membership number: https://thescouts.disclosures.co.uk/secure/login.php
  5. Start the DBS check and input the ID items from the completed ID checking form.
  6. Advise the person that they will receive an email giving a username and password and that they need to log into Atlantic DBS and confirm some information as soon as possible after they receive that email, as their DBS check has not started until they do so.
  7. The line manager will receive an automated email from Compass when the DBS disclosure has been issued.
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