Young Leader Training

What is it?

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is a programme of 10 training modules and four missions (projects) designed to help and support those aged between 14 to 18 who work with a section (Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Scouts) as a Young Leader. It gives Young Leaders the skills and knowledge to act as part of the section leadership team, and covers subjects such as a balanced and quality programme, Child Protection, First Aid and leadership skills.

The Young Leaders’ Scheme is designed to help Young Leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed in their current role, which can be built on if they decide to take out an adult appointment.

How is it done?

Completion of the Young Leaders’ Scheme is based on attendance across a number of Modules. The Missions are where this learning can be put into practice (a similar concept to validation in the Adult Training Scheme).

Module A

Only Module A of the Young Leaders’ Scheme is compulsory, so it’s important to discuss which Modules and Missions have been completed in order to identify what additional learning may be needed.

Module A must be completed within 3 months of becoming an Explorer Scout Young Leader.

The next course for Module A will on 1 March 2024

Full training programme

For Young Leaders who would like to complete the FULL training programme (optional) and earn the Explorer Scout Young Leader belt buckle please make sure you book onto the necessary  training courses, including the First Aid course. There is a cost to this training.

For the FULL training programme the remaining modules, two modules a week will be provided over a period of five weeks. These courses will be run in the Spring and Autumn terms but not Summer as exams get in the way, and the day that they are run will be changed (and possibly venue) of each course so that everyone can attend.

Friday 16th Feb : Module B “Taking the lead” and discussion on completing the missions, 3rd Hampton HQ, 59 Percy Road, TW12 2LB. 19:30 to 21:00
Friday 23rd Feb : Module C “That’s the way to do it” and Mod E “Game on”,  3rd Hampton HQ, 59 Percy Road, TW12 2LB
Thursday 29th Feb : Module D ” Understanding behaviour” and Mod F “Accessibility and Inclusivity”, 2nd Teddington, End of Fortescue Avenue, Twickenham, TW2 5LS
Friday 8th March  : Module G “High quality programme” and Mod I “What did they say”, 3rd Hampton HQ, 59 Percy Road, TW12 2LB
Friday 22nd March  : Module H “Programme planning” and Mod J “Communicate it”, 3rd Hampton HQ, 59 Percy Road, TW12 2LB
Minimum 6 Max 24
Date TBA : Module K “First Aid masterclass”,  3rd Hampton HQ, 59 Percy Road, TW12 2LB


YoungLeaders should be registered as such on OSM and book the courses via that system.

More information?

More information about the Young Leader training scheme can be found here

The point of contact for all information regarding the Young Leaders scheme is:

All ESYL training course bookings are handled by District Training Manager – contact:

Next steps – Young Leader/DoE Service registration form

The online registration form can be found here: ONLINE YL FORM (updated 28/9/22)





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