Fancy a snow camp in Kazakhstan?

Date: 5th Aug 2019 Author: Peter Tomlin

Going abroad on Scout adventures are what Scouting is all about.

Here’s one that’s just landed in our “in box” – a Scout and Explorer Snow Camp in Kazakstan, in February 2020. Ice fishing, dog sledding and reindeer tracking sound a pretty cool trip! You can download details here.

In fact there are lots of camps in the UK and abroad, which encourage Scouts to share our Scouting values with Scouts from around the globe. From Perthshire to Dorset and from Canada to Australia via Austria and Singapore. We’ve listed them for leaders on the website here.

We’ve recently organised District-wide camps in the UK and within Europe. We know they need a lot of planning and maybe something that we should be doing again soon. If you think that’s a great idea, then come and give the District team your views at our District Conference in September. The Conference is open to all Scout member volunteers and guests who have an interest in continuing to build a better future for Scouting in Richmond upon Thames District. For more details see our Events page or click here.

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