Grand Howl features

Date: 15th Apr 2021 Author: Peter Tomlin

St Margarets local news features a smashing article on the rites of Cub Scouts opening ceremony, known as the Grand Howl.

For those not aware of our secrets……

The Grand Howl is a ceremony inspired by The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. In the book, a wolf pack’s meetings begin with everyone circling their leader Akela  and howling – this is their Grand Howl.

In Cubs, the Grand Howl gathers everyone together and helps them focus. By talking about ‘doing your best’, it also helps everyone remember their Promise. Not all groups do the Grand Howl, and those that do have lots of different variations, and that’s OK.

Before you begin the Grand Howl, the Cub Scout Leader chooses a Sixer to lead the call in step 10.

  1. Akela calls out ‘Pack! Pack! Pack!’
  2. Everyone makes a circle, standing in their Sixes (some people stand around the flag). Everyone stands ‘at ease’ with their feet shoulder width apart and their hands behind their back.
  3. Akela calls ‘Pack! Pack alert!’
  4. Everyone stands ‘alert’ with their feet together and their hands by their sides.
  5. Akela moves to the centre of the circle, and raises and lowers their arms.
  6. Everyone squats low on the ground with their hands between their feet.
  7. Everyone calls out ‘Akela, we’ll do our best!’
  8. Everyone stands up and makes the Scout sign.
  9. The chosen Sixer calls out ‘Cubs, do your best’.
  10. Everyone replies ‘We will do our best!’

You can read more here, including access to video footage of this secret ceremony!:

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