Scout Leader training recommences

Date: 12th Sep 2020 Author: Peter Tomlin

A message to all Scout Leaders and Exec Committee members:

We have now got approval to our risk assessment and are now keen to get back on track with leadership training

Printable updates of all Scout leader training as well as an updated summary of the training obligations of new adults are now available on the website in the Members area. For access, click here (password required). The programme of training dates will be added to here (password required).

Please note HQ are now chasing up Scout Leaders who have been in the role longer than 3 years who have still yet to complete their wood badge training.

There is a risk that during the next 12 months if they have not completed the training that HQ will place restrictions on their involvement in Scouting and may even start to suspend people.

Similarly HQ are keen to get new leaders through their Getting Started modules (1-3/4), GDPR, Safety and Safeguarding within the 5 month deadline – any one not complying may also find their involvement being limited or their roles cancelled.

There are also important changes to some of the training requirements. The key ones are:

  • The deadline for renewing the Safety and Safeguarding modules is reduced to 3 years (currently 5) and they are only available online – there will no longer be face-to-face courses
  • Module 1 for executives is being withdrawn and ALL exec committee members will be required to do Module 1, a new Trustee Induction module, GDPR, Safety and Safeguarding online modules and Safety and Safeguarding must be renewed every 3 years


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